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Click here to download the document in which the CIPC certifies that the business operating as Horizon Risk Management has the permission to operate during the South African lock-down period as announced by the president of the Republic on Monday, 23 March 2020.

For COVID-19 updates, visit the official government website www.sacoronavirus.co.za

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Core Aspects of Our Business

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Management

Skills Development

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Occupational Health and Safety

Security Risk Management

Welcome to Horizon Risk Management (Pty) Ltd!

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About Our Company

Horizon Risk Management (Pty) Ltd is an Equal Opportunity Company established to assist, assess and advise business of prevailing and prevalent operational risks that are detrimental to business success.

In particular, the mitigation of losses to assets, obviation of process constraints, coupled with the implementation of sound management programmes that result in the improvement of the triple bottom line.



Horizon Risk Management’s mission is to:

  • Provide the most contemporary business continuity model appropriate to our client’s requirements;
  • Identify and assess the adverse risk variables that impact a company or organization;
  • Continuously advise of the most beneficial remedies to ensure business assurance and continuity;
  • Assist our clients to maintain a sustainable enterprise risk management programme;
  • Provide a professional, effective and efficient service to meet our client’s expectations;
  • Ensure positive sustainable service relationships;
  • Continue with service excellence not exceeding excessive cost;

We assist, assess and advise

business of prevailing and prevalent operational risks that are detrimental to business success.


Highly focused

with a consistent track record of successfully delivering full operational objectives to tight time – lines and within budget.

A charismatic but pragmatic leader

Possessing a proven track record in executive leadership

Able to build and implement

sophisticated plans with a proven track record explicitly supporting business needs.

Collaborative approach

with good interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage teams through change.

Robust & business focused approach

Ensuring that work is done to the highest possible professional standard.


Our commitment is:

  1. To be honest and ethical in all our dealings.
  2. To provide efficient, economic and effective products and services in an impartial manner.
  3. To provide all stakeholders with timely, accessible and accurate information.
  4. To refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes, and to encourage others to do the same.
  5. To negotiate all contracts with the utmost integrity.
  6. To pay taxes, and to honour all our creditors.
  7. To pay reasonable salaries and wages.
  8. To submit ourselves to just and ethical governing authorities.
  9. To remember the poor by investing generously and sacrificially in the broader community.
  10. To collaborate with our peers to impact our community and nation.

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